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Sep 14, 2019 · In addition to Weedora, two branches of Cannabis and Fine Edibles (CAFE) also opened on Saturday. Collectively, the chain of sleek coffee shops that double as marijuana dispensaries have been raided and shut down at least a dozen times since Canada legalized cannabis last October — only to bounce back each time, usually reopening within hours. Cannabichromene (CBC) in Medical Marijuana Studies CBC doesn’t get a lot of praise nor attention, but it has shown to have profound benefits. Similar to cannbidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBC stems from the all-important cannabigerolic acid (CBG-A). “Cannabigerolic acid (CBG-A) is often referred to as the “stem cell” of cannabinoids. It is the precursor to THC, CBD, and What is CBC (Cannabichromene)? - Leaf Science

Apr 08, 2016 · Brian Wieder demonstrates how to use a vape pen, the device he uses to ingest cannabis.

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16 Sep 2019 Chris James, owner of these shops, told CBC News that his goal was not Although Weedora and several other illegal pot shops opened their  18 sept. 2019 Le dispensaire libre de Cannabis, Weedora situé à Toronto vient de Sources : Ici Radio Canada /// CBC Canada /// Cannabis Culture ///  Kaitlyn Swan – CBC News – December 16, 2019 businesses, including the delivery service Weedora, in the hopes of getting a chance to run a legal store.